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Annual report on the activity of Cat Friends Association for the year 2009
In 2009 the members of our Association took care of more than 300 cats. We had numerous cases of animals with severe traumas, found abandoned, as well as many stray cats suffering from various infections due to the horrible conditions in which they had been living on the street. Unfortunately, many cats ended up with us due to human negligence. In 2009 we had three cases of animal collectors, who had been keeping numerous animals in horrifying conditions. We also found a lot of cats abandoned by their owners. Regrettably, we had several cases where the condition of the cats proved to be too grave and the animal died despite our efforts.
A total of 195 cats were adopted in Bulgaria and Germany, all of which were treated against parasites (both internally and externally), vaccinated and those of suitable age – neutered. Nearly half of them required some sort of medical treatment at a clinic and needed temporary homes before they could be ready for adoption.
A large number of animals were sent for adoption in Germany due to lack of interest in Bulgaria – having some sort of disability, they needed loving and unprejudiced owners. For all of them our Association had to cover the costs for international passports, microchips and air freights.
In addition, throughout the year we managed to neuter and return back to the places, where they were found, more than 100 cats.
In 2009 our Association took part in several initiatives aimed at drawing the attention of the public to the prevention of animal abuse and the responsible care after animals, as well as trying to encourage the adoption of non-pedigree cats.
We have tried to carefully screen the people adopting our cats, mainly so that we could find a safe and loving home for the animals, but also with view to fostering a responsible attitude in people adopting pets.
All cats that have been under our care leave their mark in our hearts, but some are even more special and managing to help them gives us an even greater sense of satisfaction.
In March 2009 a blind cat was sent to Frankfurt where she was adopted and became a wonderful pet, as if she had no disability at all.
In June we sent to Germany a cat that was missing an ear and leg, together with her five kittens.
In July we managed to save an abandoned cat. After receiving treatment against parasites, being vaccinated and spayed, she was adopted by one of our volunteers.
In August we sent to Frankfurt a male cat that had been found with an injured leg and for three months had been treated and cared for in a temporary home.
In August we found a male cat whose front leg was broken in two places. He turned out to be one of our most difficult cases. He underwent surgery and received a metal splint, but was then diagnosed with FIV. Despite his condition, he was chosen by a German family and was adopted in November.
In September the following animals were sent to Munich: Bogart, who had recovered from panleukopenia, Bozhana, who we found abandoned at a very young age and Frankie – a kitten that was missing a paw and an ear and which we had been treating for one and a half months.
In September we took under our care a kitten with serious eye problems. After undergoing three surgeries in two months, the kitten was adopted in Germany.
In October we sent to Frankfurt a male cat that had been found in critical condition near some dustbins. He had a jaw tumour which was surgically removed; he also had to undergo treatment for actinomycosis for two months.
In October we found an abandoned cat – we took care of her and managed to find her a new and loving home.
In October we managed to find a home in Bulgaria for a small kitten that we had rescued from a dustbin at a very young age.
In November we treated two male kittens suffering from eye infections.
Also in November we sent to Germany a cat which had been saved from poisoning by poisoned bait, along with a kitten that we had treated for an acute fungal infection and three other kittens, one of them – with an amputated leg.
The same month we also treated and neutered two dogs, one of which had been shot.
November was also a remarkable month for us, because it was the month when the kitten Lucia took her first steps and began walking. She had been found unable to move, all four of her legs were paralysed. The vets who examined her suggested that she be put to sleep, but we decided to give her a chance. After a four-month course of treatment with drugs and physical therapy, she restored nearly all her mobility; only one of her front paws was not completely functional. She was subsequently adopted by a wonderful German family.
In December we had two kittens that needed orthopaedic surgery after being run over by cars. After recovering, they, too, were adopted.
These are just a few of the many cases of cats in need, of which we took care in 2009. We would like to express our gratitude to our volunteers for their precious assistance, to our supporters for their donations and to those who spent many a sleepless night, caring after our sick cats. We would also like to thank those who adopted our animals. With your help we can all take comfort in the knowledge that we have saved many kittens and have given them a new chance at life.
We hope that you will continue to support us, so that we could keep up our struggle to help all the cats that need helping. As always, we need both donations and volunteers, willing to provide temporary homes for our cats.
Maria Dimitrova
Chairperson of “Cat Friends” Association
1st October 2010
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